Why is it so hard to get followers on Tiktok and Instagram ?

Why is it so hard to get followers on Tiktok and Instagram ?

Before diving into why is getting harder to get followers on Tiktok and Instagram ? lets cover the latest updates on 2024 on both Instagram and Tiktok. Starting from Tiktok both platforms updated their algorithm basically for giving more chance to small account owners.

Updates on Instagram Algorithm

Instagram recently changed their algorithm for prioritize smaller accounts to stand out with their content, frankly it was about the time cause getting views or visitors for your account in the recent year was a nightmare. Also in order to escape from the small account view jail account holders was trying every way. So your small account content have a chance to get prioritize.

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This changes includes : 

  • Instagram is changing its rules to stop accounts from reposting others' content without changes.
  • Accounts that repost more than ten times in thirty days won't be recommended. (Instead, the original creator's content will be recommended, this will effect parasite Social SEO Techniques Dramatically.)
  • Instagram will add a label to show the original creator of the content (Like Tiktok does)
  • Both the original creator and the reposter can remove this label (This option does not Tiktok have! )

Additionally, Instagram is implementing a new ranking algorithm to ensure all creators have an equal chance of reaching audiences by testing with 200 users + your followers and how they interact with your content. Goal is making Instagram more viral content driven platform like Tiktok , 

In short Instagram following the Tiktoks foot steps.

Updates on Tiktok Algorithm

Based on the actual algorithm here are the changes Tiktok made and I`m sure Instagram will follow this steps in their next algorithm.

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Instagram Algorithm Changes


Priority Decreased


Priority Same


Priority Increased

Watch Time

Priority Increased


Priority Same


Priority Same


Priority Increased


Priority Increased


Priority Increased

What these changes tells us basically Tiktok streamlines more their viral content strategy based on actual user interactions, due to increase on bot users and interactions they eliminating as much as they possible to make platform even more organic. To gain visibility, creators should use SEO tactics, create engaging and relevant content, utilize TikTok's effects and templates, and participate in trends. These strategies help optimize content for better reach and engagement.

Common Reasons of Low Views and Interactions for TIktok and Instagram After Algorithm Changes


1. Content Consistency and Quality

  • Reason: If your content quality or theme has changed, it might not resonate with your audience as before especially after the updates both platforms pursue existing audience interaction more than ever.
  • Solution: Ensure your content remains high quality and consistent with what your audience expects most importantly don`t sacrifice for small uptick in your account for content changes (Social Media copies strategies from Web SEO itself so it should give you a heads up what`s coming in 2025 Social Media Updates.

2. Engagement

  • Reason: Lower engagement rates (likes, comments, shares) can affect follower retention. Which already started some big accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers getting their content ranks lowered, It`s a good news for the actual content creators on Tiktok and Instagram.
  • Solution: Actively engage with your audience by responding to comments, asking questions, and encouraging interaction. This subject became super important cause real interactions will measured mostly with comments and their responses.

3. Trends and Relevance

  • Reason: Not keeping up with current trends can make your content less appealing or focus on side trends or Niche topics more so using the trend traffic.
  • Solution: Stay updated with TikTok and Instagram trends and incorporate them into your content where appropriate and Social media is all about one thing `Attention` so using the main attention to channel the traffic to your content is best way to course.


4. Algorithm Changes

  • Reason: Unlike Instagram, TikTok frequently updates its algorithm, which can impact visibility and follower growth.
  • Solution: Experiment with different posting times, hashtags, and video lengths to see what works best under the new algorithm so make it more unpredictable your content and make more unique. Think about it why should you post everyday at the same time? Maybe the few hours earlier could bring you more attraction. Reason is demographics of the viewers are varies also if you are posting during working hours, most people will miss your content, best way to figure out of the posting timeframe is simply try different timelines and see what its best for your content and follower growth.

5. Shadowban

  • Reason: Violating TikTok’s (Instagram on the other hand are limit your account or simply disable until you give some proof or taking some action) community guidelines can lead to a shadowban, reducing your content’s visibility.
  • Solution: Review TikTok’s community guidelines and ensure your content complies. If you suspect a shadowban, consider taking a short break and then resuming with compliant content.

We will discuss shadow ban in the next article..

6. Follower Clean-Up

  • Reason: TikTok occasionally removes fake or inactive accounts, which can cause a drop in followers.
  • Solution: Focus on attracting genuine followers by creating engaging and valuable content, I know its exhausting and long overdue generating content in a unique way but look at the successful accounts they all make some efforts to create content. So name of the game is original content not the being a copycat.

7. Promotion and Collaboration

  • Reason: Lack of promotion and collaboration can limit your reach.
  • Solution: Collaborate with other creators, participate in challenges, and promote your TikTok on other social media platforms to reach a broader audience especially make collaborations with the people in your same content category. If you promoting on social media about lifestyle make sure people you interact with on your partnerships should be on same page. Reason why people who already interested in a specific subject will bring interaction but if your partnership in a different category and his or her followers are not interested in your content algorithm receive this as a bad content and it will lower your viral score overall.

8. Content Variety

  • Reason: Posting too much of the same type of content can lead to audience fatigue.
  • Solution: Diversify your content to keep your audience interested. Mix in different formats like challenges, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes, obviously you shouldn`t sticked with same content all the time which repeats itself, you should be focused on a category and gain topical attention or in SEO its called topical authority overall. Which is great because you don’t have to constantly search for a content generally one subject have dozens of sub topics to cover for your social media content creation.

9. Analytics and Feedback

  • Reason: Not analyzing performance metrics can lead to missed improvement opportunities.
  • Solution: Regularly review your TikTok and Instagram analytics to understand what works best and seek feedback from your audience to improve, also again from the same reasons some contents maybe doesn`t bring attention to your account but posting as a story could bring traffic to your social accounts.

10. External Factors

  • Reason: External factors like changes in user behavior or market trends can also impact follower growth.
  • Solution: Stay informed about broader trends and adapt your content strategy accordingly, meaning not just the taking trends as a factor shouldn’t be the thing but giving forecast from the future is a good way to attrach social media followers people like to listen upcoming events for several reasons but most important one cause it’s a `attention` seeking thing to hear.

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