How to Promote on Social Media ? Part-2

How to Promote on Social Media ? Part-2

Here are the steps for social media promotion in depth. We will cover in our next article how to choose and order in Social Media Panels.

Get to know your audience and what they like.

Analyzing your audience or targeting your audience is the key for traction in Social Media in order to bring recurring attractions you need the focus on after building the solid audience ground you can divert into.

Set clear goals for what you want to achieve.

Second most important thing in Social Media is timing like any other business finding right audience is the one thing but designating right timeframe is the more important part of the business. And the timing if they mixed with current social media trend is super beneficial to get extra attention. According to our statistics, from SCA (Social Post Manager) and Page Social getting most attention when the matching keyword matches with current trend. Another indication as a metric if you being to late to trends your content also devalued by many users that`s because that content already consumed by the viewer and have faster scroll time compare to most attracted timeframe.

So joining trends late will effect your social efforts all together.

Keep your audience engaged with interesting content.

As we mentioned before how to generate interesting content we mentioned in our previous article Part I of How to promote on Social Media

Use different social media platforms that your audience uses.

Let`s discuss a little bit about cross platform posting,

You never know when your content being valued on which platform reason is algorithms on Social Media is a black box sometimes it recommend your content to some audience and you will getting instant views and boost on your content. For example, your content maybe not Addressing the right age group but need for that service, product or entertainment could be a hit due to psychological side effects.

Talk to your followers and be there for them when they need help.

Getting likes and follow request is a one thing interaction is another. Connect with your followers to build a strong community, understand their needs, and attract valuable brand partnerships. Partnerships could be anything like Guest Posting you can promote each others content on their social media to get attraction on both ways. This strategy is highly recommended but most people doesn’t do this for no reason you can send DM`s to relevant content creators and get benefit for both ways.

Reason why most accounts doesn’t do that they afraid their follower base could be stolen or change interest to other accounts but give it or take on Social Media including posting strategy and the actual posts are similar so when the actual idea is interaction keeping yourself shut to this content exchange is kinda worst move you could do.

Stay professional and make sure your brand shines through.

Social media is also the place people with lot of hatred for no reason ???? and I`m not talking about the difference of opinion people sometimes randomly comment on your posts and not saying the truth when it comes to handling this situation bare in mind replying comments in a bad or aggressive way can climb the situation even higher reason why people often take screenshots and share them for the same interaction they need best way to handle this situation is taking things professionally. And replying them in a calm and friendly manner don`t engage this kind of topic unless its really necessary just block them cause average span of Social Media climb took 6 months to a year so in this timeframe you will ending up blocking lots of people.

Focus on posting quality content rather than just posting a lot.

Quality should always be prioritized over quantity when it comes to social media posts, as it leads to better engagement and a stronger brand image. Imagine having thousands of posts but each bring little attraction or couple of them with millions of interaction which one is better.

Instead of posting on daily strategy focus on Quality and Research needs to be made for that couple second video.

Here are the key points for Quality and Research

 1. Relevant content every time attached to your main Goal 2. Consistent brand voice and visual aesthetics 3. Clear calls to action (CTA)

Meaning describe what is gonna happen if they click the link or the button. Like `Learn More` `Buy Now`

 4. Audience interaction and response

We covered this above in the section ` Stay professional and make sure your brand shines through. `

 5. Regular monitoring and analysis of performance metrics

Meaning as invest only the content which brings attention to later you can diversified your content strategy to further and if you selling online adding another languages to your content is a superb way to attract more people. As a strategy this being used also commenting posts on different countries like making a joke or referencing something specific to that region. People loved to being recognized and appreciated more when it comes to someone not from their region or culture. I`m sure you saw this kinda content before like carrying some other countries flag or commenting on a food like a local or joining the conversation and taking sides etc.

Try live streaming and figure out the best times to post for maximum impact.

Live streaming is a great way to show yourself in more realistic way people love being touch with human side of your social profile, you can ignite a discussion or taking questions and answering them basically every stream nowadays doing the same thing and sometimes they even respond things didn’t even asked but they going to answer them anyway.

When you thinking about it, it`s a great strategy cause you can mix it up some promotional material in between and followers will receive as users asking those questions which will eliminate the marketing factor and human brain is able to receive message which they are more comfortable with.

Offer promotions and discounts.

If you selling services or doing ecommerce on social media it`s a good way to offering Social Only promotions will be beneficial to you. Exclusivity brings more traffic to those platforms in subject. So it’s a good strategy to promote some from specific channels or social media platforms. Especially using stories for this purpose is great due to daily visibility of the stories and will force people to check your content daily in case of opportunity.

Create educational content.

Educating your audiences with your relevant content is also good people who follows you have a tendency to do same exact thing for themselves so it`s nice to giving tips and tricks for the content in place.

Collect and showcase client testimonials.

Telling what your users or clients says about business your business is a ultimate confidence boost people associated with genuine comments are mostly having lost their confidence problems before purchase and its better than the raw marketing about the service or product. Especially mentioning how you delivered your service is a crucial part of customer experience being presented to your followers. Peer to Peer interaction draws people to making good comments on your Brand these days most companies are missing this edge like Amazon they became number one simply because best customer experience was in the market back in the days.

Also returning DM`s (Direct Messages) in timely manner are super crucial which means when they have the interest you need to answer their questions in that timeframe if you returning them afterwards attention spam getting lowered in every hour its been passed most things people wanted to purchase on social media mostly Impulse Buy meaning they purchasing the services or goods not because they needed but because they trying out.

We will return with SMM Panels In-Depth Guide in our Next Article.



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